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Barbara Natta Lagomarsino has been a fond listener to classical music and a guitar-player since she was at primary school.
Increasingly fascinated by the wide scope of vocal music, Barbara took the plunge into modern music being particularly influenced by jazz and Afro-American music.

1987-1991 Nuova Accademia di Musica Moderna of Milano.
1992-1996 Civica di Jazz school of Milano, directed by Enrico Intra and Franco Cerri.

Workshop with Bob Stoloff, Roger Treece, Candace Smitt and Luciana Souza. Gospel & Spiritual workshop with Reverend Lee Brown, and choral stage with the Reverendo Lee Brown & The Freedom Family With Sunshine Gospel Choir.

Vocal technique with Nino Tagliareni, Vocal Care methode with Danila Satragno.

While performing gospel concerts, she also had her first studio-recording experiences:
in 1996 she was a vocalist in Viva Mamanera, by Mau Mau;
in 1997 she recorded Java Jives with the homonymous group she founded in 1993 and is presently known as Blackinwhite Gospel & Black Music.
One of her songs, Flying Away, was the soundtrack of the Italian TV ad for Vivin C, 2004-2007 advertising campaign (Flying Film Production).
Barbara collaborates with Massimo Spinosa, producer multi-instrumentalist sound-designer, who produces her first album, Il modo delle mancine.


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