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Barbara Natta Lagomarsino has been a fond listener to classical music and a guitar-player since she was at primary school.
Increasingly fascinated by the wide scope of vocal music, Barbara explores modern music being particularly influenced by Jazz and Afro-American music.

1992-1996 Scuola Civica di Jazz of Milan, directed by Enrico Intra and Franco Cerri.

Workshop with Bob Stoloff, Roger Treece, Candace Smitt and Luciana Souza, May 1994.

She sings as part of the JAVA JIVES vocal group and the gospel choir directed by Rev. Lee Brown THE FREEDOM FAMILY.

Vocal technique with Nino Tagliareni, Vocal Care methode with Danila Satragno.

While performing concerts, she also starts working at recording studios in Milan:

- in 1996 she sings as vocalist in the album Viva Mamanera by MAU MAU;

- in 1997 she recorded the album Java Jives with the homonymous group she founded in 1993 and is presently known as Blackinwhite Gospel & Black Music;

- in 1998 she sings as vocalist in the album Sei bellissima by Fiordaliso.

One of her songs, Flying Away, was the soundtrack of the Italian TV advertising campaign for Vivin C, 2004-2007.

Barbara collaborates with Massimo Spinosa who produces her first album "Il modo delle mancine" recorded and mixed at his recording studio











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